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Coping with watering restrictions 
Drought resistance essay 
How water works in plants (TOUR)  
Irrigation conservation 
Links of interest
What's that acronym mean?
  Links to useful sites on environmental quality, water conservation, and the C-11 basin  

Broward County - NatureScape Broward

Broward County - Natural Areas

Broward County - Planning and Redevelopment Division

Broward Sierra Group

Broward County C-11 West Basin Pollution Reduction Action Plan,
(formerly, Turf and Landscape Best Management Practices
for the C-11 Basin West, Broward County, Florida, )

Central Broward Water Control District

Florida Atlantic University - Environmental Science Program

St. Augustinegrass: How Much to Water?

Florida Turfgrass Association

Governor's Commission for the Everglades,SPECIFIC=583167,DATABASE=SERIES,

"The Davie Dilemma" by Victoria Wagner, 1982 (formerly "History of Davie by Victoria Wagner")

Mobile Irrigation Lab - South Dade Soil and Water Conservation District

Plant Biologists of South Florida

A Short History of Broward County

The South Florida Environment:  A region under stress

South Florida Restoration Science Forum

South Florida Water Management District

Stormwater Non-Point Source Management Program of the Water Resource Management Section of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center